Zilzie Volcano – Red Eye

Zilzie Volcano – Red Eye


Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Zilzie Volcano- Red Eye

Location of Manufacture: Zilzie, Qld

Ingredients: Australian birds eyes, thai birds eyes, cayenne peppers, peter peepper, vinegar, salt, black pepper, garlic, onion, capsicum, sugar, BBQ seasoning, steak seasoning, pears and apples.

Review: By the look of this exhaustive ingredient lists comes a unique chilli sauce that initially reminded me of a tabasco on steroids. This is hardly a compliment so with more tasting, it dawned on me that the correlation I was drawing on was the vinegar flavour. With more tasting I found that it was a bit more complex than originally perceived. It has a medium consistency, so it is possible to get a good lathering on one’s fork, getting an ample coating on the bite about to be enjoyed.

It does possess a high vinegar content but I personally liked the addition of fruit and steak seasoning. Believe it or not, but I was able to taste it and I believe that they gave this sauces it character. This sauce was had with a BBQ dish and it was good. I believe that this sauce would go with any pasta dish, but in particular a creamy pasta dish would go magnificently with it. The sauce would get lost in a tomato based pasta dish. It has to be able to shine!

It is not brutally hot at all. When it is initially tried, it is clear that there is chilli in the bottle, but after more servings, it doesn’t seem to build, which allows the consumer to really enjoy the sauce without fear of ruining a meal (within reason of course!).

Heat wise, I would rate this sauce a 5/10 and flavour wise, it would receive a 7/10. I’ll be trying this with a creamy pasta as soon as I can to test my prediction.




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