Tuscan Seasoning

Tuscan Seasoning

Review by Terese Hanna

Product: Tuscan Seasoning

Ingredients: Chicken Breast with Tuscan Seasoning ( Sugar, Salt, Rosemary, Thyme, Rice Flour, Onion, Basil, Parsely, Garlic, Canola Oil, Bell Pepper Chilli, Pepper, Turmeric Oleoresin ).

Review: The perfect seasoning for any type of Chicken.

Chicken breast is great protein food but it just tends to have the same repetitive taste everytime i eat it. I decided that if i am going to eat chicken, i will experiment with some new flavours. Tuscan seasoning just felt like the perfect flavour to experiment with, and to my luck i was right, it was delicious !

It added amazing flavours to the chicken. It was tasty and spicy, cooked to perfection, allowing the chicken to fall apart, with the flavours dancing in my mouth. With the strong, spicy flavours of the chicken, it was balanced perfectly with the tomato, lettuce and cucumber salad. It brought fresh flavours to the dish to compliment the spice in the Tuscan seasoning. On my chilli scale i rate it a 3/10.

Verdict: Tuscan Seasoning is a perfect seasoning to be added to chicken to give a burst of flavour and spice. The strong, tasty flavours were balanced perfectly against the fresh salad. I deffinetly recommend this dish to anyone who can handle a bit of a European spice because the flavours are just fabulous ! Overall i rate it a 9/10.



Tuscan Seasoning Tuscan Seasoning