Fruity Fatalli Hot Sauce

Fruity Fatalli Hot Sauce

Review by Chef Andrew

Product: The Chilli Project – Fruity Fatalli Hot Sauce

Location of Manufacture: Helensburgh, NSW

Ingredients: Vinegar, Water, Apple, Onion, Fatalli chilli, Sugar, Garlic Salt, Oil .

Review: I had seen this pop up a few times on different Facebook page feeds, and being a lover of the hotter things in life I decided to search for a bottle.

This Sauce is thick and almost an off pearl colour in appearance , Once the bottle was cracked a distinct Sweet Apple bouquet was apparent.…

At first I tasted it by itself, so I could get a true idea of the sauce without having any accompaniment to mask the product. I was surprised at the heat level, not as hot as I expected, but enough to make you realise it’s not a cheap watered down sauce. Heat wise it was more on the Scotch Bonnet level, with those tropical hints that you would expect from a Fatalli chilli . It has a pleasant sweet Apple flavour that marries well with the Fatalli, taking the harshness away.

I then decided to try it on one of the Bourne To Die Thai Chicken Pies that I had , then bingo the heat level and fruity flavour went excellent with the Thai flavours of the Pie. I am now considering upping the Anti and dosing tonight”s Laksa with it. I think it would also par well with seafood, Chicken, and Tofu dishes.

For heat, I would give this Sauce a 7 out of 10. For flavour, this achieves a score of 8 out of 10.

Fruity Fatalli Sauce