Silvers Beef Jerky: Charred Chilli Beef

Silvers Beef Jerky: Charred Chilli Beef

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Silvers Beef Jerky: Charred Chilli Beef

Location of Manufacture: Currumbin, Qld

Ingredients: Beef, sugar, salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein, food acids, dried vegetable gum, colour, spice extracts, sodium nitrite, sodium erythorbate

Review: This jerky attained 2nd place in the ‘Medium Jerky’ category at the 2017 Mr Chilli awards.  This jerky comes in fantastically large quadrilateral shapes, measuring approximately 5 centimetres along most sides. The texture is quite smooth and it is quite tough, which allows for a great chew. It is also quite slow to disintegrate in the mouth, allowing for maximum enjoyment. There is a presence of chilli, which isn’t at the forefront as the very savoury (salty) flavour dominates.

A look at the ingredients however, either demonstrates total honesty, which is a kudos to Silvers Beef Jerky for not hiding ingredients that comprise of most of the alphabet and numbers. Numbers usually indicate nitrites, flavour stabilisers and preservatives. If these details frighten you, rest reassured that there is a company with a correctly operating morale compass who informs their customers of all ingredients in case of possible allergies. If these details do not influences your decision, tuck in because this jerky is quite delicious.

For flavour, I would rate this an 8/10 and for heat, I would give this jerky 6/10.