New Hot Chilli Spot at Fennell Bay

New Hot Chilli Spot at Fennell Bay

The famous chilli experts The Hippy Seed Company known all around the World (Guinness World Record Holder for the Hottest Chilli – The Butch T Scorpion in 2011) has moved to Fennell Bay. The chilli company has been running since 1998 with all year around chilli seeds sales as well as Award Winning Chilli Sauces & Jams, the world hottest award winning lollies called “The Ring Stingers”, delicious chilli salts and lots of other chilli products.

Neil & Charlotte Smith are the very passionate owners of The Hippy Seed Company and do everything themself. All the sauces & jams are handmade – all natural gourmet products. Charlotte puts all her chilli love into the hot chilli lollies & the Insane Chocolate. Neil makes the sauces and jams, decants them in bottles, seals them and adds labels, they designed themself.

The Hippy Seed Company sells their 300 chilli products from their website www.thehippyseedcompany.com to the whole world. If people visit them, they gladly give a tour in the massive chilli garden with over 500 different chilli varieties, get to taste the chilli sauces, jams, salts and the 6 different types of Ring Stinger lollies.

Home of the YouTube Chilli Tests the Hippy Seed Company’s YouTube Channel has almost 400 videos, 6907 subscribers and over 3.406.000 views. Neil Smith was the first person to start the Chilli Reviews on YouTube and has since inspired people around the World to do the same. The reason to make all those chilli reviews is to show their customers how the chilli looks, how it tastes and how hot it is. Neil and Charlotte love all there chilli plants and know how every variety grows. All their videos are linked to their website, so what you see is what you get.