Kev’s Jerky: Mild Topcut

Kev’s Jerky: Mild Topcut

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Kev’s Jerky: Mild Topcut

Location of Manufacture: Marmour: Qld

Ingredients: Beef, Sauce, stock, sugar, herbs, spices, soy, garlic, salt, fruit, pepper, chilli

Review: Kev’s Jerky has certainly made an outstanding impression on this reviewer. Simply put, ‘Mild Topcut’ is possibly one of the greatest jerkies I have had. Each delectably soft chewy morsel is covered with delicious granulated pieces of garlic, which quite simply can never be a wrong thing. Mild Topcut sent my tastebuds into overload and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Before I knew it, the packet was nearly empty.

For anyone who enjoys flavours that are strong, this is the jerky for you. This is NOT a hot jerky. The evident chilli is simply an addition to the overall experience and it does this exceptionally well. This jerky is so well balanced, in terms of heat and flavour that, I believe it should be an essential addition to every jerky fan’s cupboard.

Well done Kev’s Jerky, you’re on a winner here.

Flavour is a 9.5/10. For those who know me, will understand my inability to give a 10/10. Read some other reviews; you’ll find the answer as to ‘why’ in one of them. Having said that, 9.5 is as close I can get without getting into ridiculous fractions. In terms of heat, I’d give this a 3/10.

I’m off to finish off my packet of Mild Topcut.