Kev’s Jerky: Curry Crush

Kev’s Jerky: Curry Crush

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Kev’s Jerky: Curry Crush

Location of Manufacture: Marmour: Qld

Ingredients: Beef, Sauce, stock, sugar, herbs, spices, soy, garlic, salt, fruit, pepper, chilli

Review: This was my first encounter with ‘Kev’s Jerky’and it was quite enjoyable. The pieces of beef are what I would consider bite size, suitable for a savoury tasting plate. The jerky wasn’t the toughest, which in my opinion is part of the enjoyment of jerky, chewing until all juice has been extracted, but this jerky was relatively soft. As such, it broke up fairly quickly. This didn’t detract from its flavour, which I quite enjoyed. The curry flavour could be enhanced by using actual masala as the flavour was a typical curry powder. I would have preferred, a more authentic curry flavour.

Flavour wise, I give this jerky a 7 and the heat wise, I would give it 1. For those who enjoy a standard curry flavour but don’t like the burn, this jerky is definitely worth a go.