Heaven Hell Hot Sauces Dusk Till Dawn

Heaven Hell Hot Sauces Dusk Till Dawn

Review by Michael Elias

Product: Heaven Hell Hot Sauces Dusk Till Dawn

Location of Manufacture: Currumbin Waters QLD, Australia

Ingredients: Mango, fresh tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, fresh lime juice, onion, fresh mint, dark brown sugar, curry powder, ginger, ancho powder, Himalayan pink rock salt, cracked white pepper, herbs & spices

Review: Heaven Hell Hot Sauces describes this sauce as a “curried mango & Carolina reaper ketchup” and this struck me as a very interesting flavour combination. As with most chilli sauces the key is to finding flavours that will combine well without killing each other….and it can be tricky – kind of like getting the world to live in peace. I’m happy to say that these ingredients get along like old friends at a bar. The heat comes via way of the curry and the ancho….which I presume was made using reapers as I am getting that heat. The mango adds a lovely sweetness and gives this ketchup a nice orange colour – kind of giving you a visual indication of the heat level. Well balanced, nicely seasoned and with great ingredients on my heat scale it’s a 5 out of 10.

Verdict: Heaven Hell Hot Sauces Dusk Till Dawn is another excellent sauce which has some great ingredients combined well and in proportion. The fresh ingredients have been combined well and in proportion, the sauce has a nice flavour and consistency. In tasting this sauce I found it worked best with charcoal barbecued meats but it will work well with any nicely cooked protein. My final score is a MASSIVE 9.5 out of 10.


Heaven Hell Hot Sauces Dusk Till Dawn