Grumpy Gary’s Smokey Hot Sauce

Grumpy Gary’s Smokey Hot Sauce

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Grumpy Gary’s Smokey Hot Sauce

Location of Manufacture: Cranbourne, Victoria

Ingredients: Vinegar, red chilli (31%), water, sugar, salt, liquid smoke (3.5%), garlic and cumin.

Review: Smokey Hot Sauce is another winner from Grumpy Gary’s. You know something has to be given kudos when you taste something and it makes you look up and mumble sounds slightly resembling, ‘Oh my god’. This did it for me.

It has a deep red colour and an equally deep flavour. A savoury base, intertwined with delicious smoky characteristics and a bit of heat make this sauce divine. Make no mistake, I have a bias when it comes to smoky flavoured products, but this sauce is something special. Grumpy Gary’s Smokey Hot Sauce was enjoyed with a chunky steak pie and the two complimented each other perfectly. Pies are supposed to be eaten with sauce and for me, this is the sauce to have with a pie. It would also suit ribs, pork loin or even a slow cooked steak with a lot of fat to maximise flavour.

So for the next few weeks, there will be odd sounds coming from my kitchen when I reach for Grumpy Gary’s Smokey Hot Sauce.

For flavour, this sauce gets a 9.5/10. For heat, maybe a 5/10.

Do yourself a ‘flavour’ and get some into you!