Grumpy Gary’s Scorcher Hot Sauce

Grumpy Gary’s Scorcher Hot Sauce

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Grumpy Gary’s Scorcher Hot Sauce

Location of Manufacture: Cranbourne, Victoria

Ingredients: habanero chilli (60%), water, vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic and cumin.

Review: Achieving 2nd place at the Mr Chilli Awards 2017 is this ‘scorcher’ from Grumpy Gary’s. On the Grumpy Gary website, this sauce is said to “add heat to any dish”. I can wholeheartedly agree with this statement. The initial teaspoon taste basically resembled me sticking a glowing rod of steel in my face. The heat was immediate and for a short while, very intense. The first breath of oxygen over my tongue seemed to exacerbate the heat! It was sincerely surprising.

The flavour no doubt reflects the habanero flavour. It has a smooth texture, which is characteristic of the GG product line. Had with a pie, this sauce certainly gave the dish some kick. For the average chilli fan, this sauce would still last a fair while in one’s fridge, making it exceptional value for money! This stuff will go the distance. It hasn’t got that ‘naga’ flavour, which is either is loved or hated. The habanero flavour is more accepted by the majority of consumers and therefore can be added to dishes without altering the meal’s flavour too much.

Grumpy Gary shouldn’t be so ‘Grumpy’. He has a wonderful selection of sauces in his inventory, which I’m sure he is very proud of. I look forward to tasting what else he has to offer in the future.

For flavour, this sauce is a 7/10; the heat does impede enjoying the flavour. It should be added in small doses. Heat wise, this sauce is a 9/10; it packs a hiding and I urge consumers to be cautious.

Greg Wagenmakers