Geronimo Jerky Blazin’ Saddle

Geronimo Jerky Blazin’ Saddle

Review by Michael Elias

Product: Geronimo Jerky Blazin’ Saddle

Location of Manufacture:  QLD Australia

Ingredients: Beef, water, soy beans, garlic, wheat, salt, herbs, spices, natural pepper extract, red savina habanero, cayenne chillis, vinegar

Review: This chilli beef jerky is quite nice and well spiced. It’s got a good balance, with a decent level of heat and a slight sweetness. However as you chew it the heat intensifies and sneaks up on you…so it’s surprisingly hotter then what you expect upon the first bite. The beef itself has been dried well and the portions are cut into small square portions. The pieces are reasonably sized and very easy to chew. It’s a 7/10  on the my heat rating.

Verdict: Geronimo Jerky Blazin’ Saddle is another excellent example of chilli beef jerky. Spicy and sweet, the portion size is great and the beef itself has been dried well. Highly recommended for those who want a milder jerky which is slightly sweet….this jerky balances on that fine line between pleasure and pain deliciously.  My final score is 9 out of 10.