Culley’s Sriracha

Culley’s Sriracha

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

 Product: Culley’s Sriracha

 Location of Manufacture: Auckland, New Zealand

 Ingredients: Red Jalapeño, Water, Cane Vinegar, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Garlic and Salt.

 Review: Chris Cullen has applied his 12 years of being a chef to produce an exceptional chilli sauce. An initial taste test on a teaspoon tantalised my tongue. My salivary glands started working not due to the heat, but due to its delicious flavour and wonderful mouthfeel. This sauce was set to accompany my pasta dish (as recommended on the label) and what a fine partner it was to have at the dinner table.

 I had to double check that this sauce did not have tomato puree in it, as its richness and velvety texture was thick and moreish. It perfectly balanced the acid in the bolognaise sauce partly due to the sugar but also due to the cane vinegar, which clearly doesn’t have the same ‘sting’ as white vinegar.

 This sauce is delicious and because of its thick consistency, it would make for a great salsa on its own or add to a meat pie or sausage roll. Culley’s has done a wonderful job at making a sauce that has a delicious flavour; balancing sweet and acid harmoniously and pureeing the ingredients to an impeccable consistency. 

 Culley’s Sriracha is definitely a go to sauce for almost anything. At 6/10 heat level (which I agree with. perhaps even a 5/10), it isn’t scorching hot and can be thoroughly enjoyed without reaching for relief. 

A fantastic condiment which deserves a 9 out of 10.