Chilli Jerky

Chilli Jerky

Chilli Jerky

Review by Chef Andrew

Product: The Jerky Lady Products, Original Jerk

Location of Manufacture: Tieri, QLD

Ingredients: Beef, BBQ sauce, Vegetable gum, Soy sauce, Malt vinegar, Worchestshire Sauce, Chilli sauce, Chilli flakes, Spices Food Acid, Sugar, Balsamic vinegar, Lemon juice .

Review: This was sent to me by the Chilli lady herself, along with the taste of Asia, BBQ, Hickory smoke.

This Jerky like the Original is thick sliced and sticky once the packet is opened, and also has a glazed crisp outer, the interior is surprisingly soft, then BOOM the Chilli hits…

Flavour wise, it has a rich coating, coated with Flaked chilli, with a hit of Chilli that will certainly make this a favourite of those that appreciate a quality Chilli jerky

This was consumed on a cooler evening of 12 degrees along with a cold Coopers.( the Coopers was for palate cleansing purposes only….. Disclaimer)

To say I enjoyed ‘Chilli Jerky’ would be an understatement, the chilli hit and that signature BBQ ribs stickiness left on the fingers trademark that I am getting used to is very pleasing indeed. This would go down a treat torn apart and tossed through an Asian salad. The Jerky Lady Products are fast become the Jerky to watch out for, along with IRONHIDE, great to see these little artisan product popping uop all around Queensland

For heat, I would give this jerky a 5 out of 10. For flavour, this Flavour this achieves a score of 9 out of 10.

Can’t wait to try the Taste Of Asia.

Chilli Jerky