The Spice Factory – Berber: Ethiopian Spice Mix

The Spice Factory – Berber: Ethiopian Spice Mix

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

The Spice Factory – Berber: Ethiopian Spice Mix

Location: Morisset, NSW

Ingredients: Spice, salt, dehydrated vegetables

From the Spice Factory comes a delicious and fragrant spice mix, obviously inspired by the flavours of eastern Africa. Since our taste buds are connected to our olfactory system (sense of smell), flavours and scents are strong. Since the flavours are so robust, it is clear why it received a 3rd place in the 2018 Mr Chilli awards. The first spice that I was able to determine was star anise. I’m happy to be correct here, but the fragrant spice is a very suitable companion beside the flavours of salt and various other spices. I could also be tasting cloves; in the right dishes, cloves are very welcome and in this spice mix, they could easily be embraced.

I have added this spice to various meat dishes and it worked brilliantly. However, I simply dusted my meals with it. I could see it making a sensational base for a marinade or even a coating that could be roasted or deep fried. This spice mix would work well with anything with a tomato base, but if creamy sensations are more your thing, I believe that the Berber Ethiopian Spice Mix would with coconut cream.

For flavour I give it an 9/10 and for heat, it gets a 5/10.

Greg Wagenmakers