Australian Chilli Condiments: Blurter Bombs

AECC Blurter Bombs

Australian Chilli Condiments: Blurter Bombs

Blurter Bombs

Review by Chef Andrew

Product: Australian Chilli Condiments – Blurter Bombs

Location of Manufacture: Krambach, NSW

Ingredients: Onions, White Vinegar, Pickling Spice, Salt, Sugar, Chilli , Peppercorns, Bay Leaves.

Review: When I first heard that The ACC were going to release this at the QLD Fiery Foods Festival, I was quite excited. Always on the lookout for different products that aren’t currently available, I couldn’t wait to sample these.

On first cracking the jar, I was met with the standard pickled onion smell., But that’s where it all ended.

I thought what’s the worst that can happen as I plucked two of these “Bombs” out of the jar, I wanted to get a true unaffected flavour before adding these to anything. I was very surprised at the heat level, hotter than I expected, but not enough to have you choking up. The Heat was a habanero kinda level. It has a pleasant crisp almost Apple crunch to it, followed by a burst of heat that will surely impress the lovers of the hotter things in life.

These little beauties, work a treat with sharp cheeses, I really enjoyed them with King Island Roaring Forties Blue. Guaranteed to go down a treat on a Mezze our Antipasto platter. Also added to a Felafel Kebab, these have proven to be a winner.

That all said I feel that Rob and Rach are on a winner with these little incendiary devices…. In the worlds of Stiff Little Fingers…. It’s inflammable Material..

For heat, I would give These onions a 8 out of 10. For flavour, this achieves a score of 9 out of 10. One of the tastiest things I have had in a while, great Work.