Sujuk Pizza

Sujuk Pizza

By Michael Elias

Place: Belmore Lebanese Bakery

At: 339 Burwood Rd Belmore NSW 2192

Menu Items Tried: Meat Pizza with Chilli & Lemon(“Lahm bi Ajin”), Oregano & Veggies Rolled Up with Chilli & Lemon (“Zaatar & Veggies”) and Sujuk(Turkish Spicy Sausage Pizza with tomato & spring onion – pictured)

Review: Whenever winter hits I’m always on the lookout for hot savoury breakfast options…and while most people may head straight for the typical bacon & egg roll or if your game the servo pie/sausage roll, my internal GPS(grumbling stomach) steers me to this well established Lebanese Bakery. Belmore Lebanese Bakery has a nice variety of pizzas and pies (“fatayers”) freshly baked daily. The three items we tried were the meat pizza (with lemon & chilli), the oregano roll with veggies(not normally with lemon & chilli but will explain that in a moment) and the newly added sujuk pizza with tomato & spring onion.

The meat pizza is simply delicious…the base is thin and crispy, the ingredients a perfect balance between meat, tomato  onion and spices. The lemon and chilli balances it all out and provides that extra bit of spice but if that’s not your thing you can always order it without the lemon/chilli.

The oregano and veggies roll…just as phenomenal – the base is in this case a little softer to enable it to be rolled and the veggies added are tomato, spring onion, olives and mint leaves. All the ingredients are in balance. At the suggestion of the bakery I added chilli and lemon to it….wow…..adds a whole new dimension to the roll in my opinion.

The sujuk pizza is a recent addition and is served with tomato, cheese and spring onion. Again the key word here is balance with just enough of all the ingredients. The sausage is nicely spiced with all the traditional flavours associated with sujuk. The base is thin and crispy. The pizza is lovely.  It’s not too spicy but can be made more spicy with some chilli.

Rating: A fitting and excellent example of the Lebanese pizza, Belmore Lebanese Bakery delivers with menu items made with the right balance of ingredients cooked well. Well worth the visit for breakfast or lunch and reasonably priced. I don’t know if I could find any words to do the food justice…put simply its sublime. My final score is a HUGE CHILLI 10 out of 10.