Sublime Spices Fierce Passion

Sublime Spices Fierce Passion

Review by Michael Elias

Product: Sublime Spices Fierce Passion

Location of Manufacture: Forrestfield, WA, Australia

Ingredients: Passionfruit, papaya chilli, cider vinegar, sugar, citric acid and chilli spices

Review: Sublime Spices Fierce Passion is a slightly sweet hot sauce that brings passionfruit into the equation to form a sauce unlike any I have tasted previously. It’s quite an interesting take on the sweet chilli sauce category as based on the consistency of the sauce it is quite similar to your typical sweet chilli sauce….but that’s where the similarities end. Upon initial tasting the passionfruit is definitely evident in the sauce but then the heat gives you a light slap to the face. It’s a heat that lingers long after the sweetness of the passionfruit has disappeared into the ether.  On my heat scale it’s a 6 out of 10.

Verdict: If you don’t know by now Sublime Spices has earned a reputation for making some delicious sauces with minimal ingredients and Fierce Passion is no exception. A sweet hot chilli sauce is what I would dub it and it’s a hit because the sweetness doesn’t detract from the heat. Passionfruit is a fruit that can be sweet with some level of tartness and this works really well when blended into a chilli sauce. This sauce will most likely suit seafood, poultry or be a fine accompaniment to other types of meats. I feel this would also work extremely well as a dipping sauce. My final score is a 8 out of 10.