Pizza Inn Chilli Supreme & Mexicana

Pizza Inn Chilli Supreme & Mexicana

Review by Michael Elias

Place: Pizza Inn

Menu Item: Pizza Inn Chilli Supreme & Mexicana

Location: Bexley North NSW

Review: Having been to many different pizza joints after trying this one for the first time i’m happy to return to it as my regular pizza place. The bases are closer to the thinner side as opposed to the thick but are airy with a great balance of toppings without any of the ingredients overpowering any others. The hottest pizza on the menu is the Mexicana which rates a 6/10  on the my chilli heat rating but they sometimes have some fresh chillis in stock that can ramp up the heat to 9/10.

Verdict: An old school pizza joint that has found the right combination of ingredients to put on a fantastic base. Pizza Inn Bexley North makes great pizzas and if you want the heat try the Mexicana. My final score is 9 out of 10.