The Patch on the Bellarine Peach Rocoto Sauce

The Patch on the Bellarine Peach Rocoto Sauce

Review by Michael Elias

Product: The Patch on the Bellarine Peach Rocoto Sauce

Location of Manufacture: Clifton Springs, VIC, Australia

Ingredients: Sugar, Vinegar, chilli, peach, garlic, ginger, salt

Review: Upon initially looking at the sauce I saw what appeared to be a sweet chilli sauce with peach flavouring however the next word on the label snapped me away from that thinking. The rocoto on the label refers to a pepper which is typically native to South American coutries so I’m chuffed to see that it’s made its way to Victoria to bring the heat to this sauce. And boy does it bring the heat. The heat gives you a smack to the face and continues to throw right jabs all the way done to your stomach, bear in mind not in a bad way, but to remind you “I’m hot baby”. I like the addition of the peach and the ingredients form the basis of your typical sweet chilli styled sauced but the rocoto just takes it another level, where it’s no longer fair to label this a sweet chilli, more a hot chilli with a little sweetness. On my heat scale it’s a 7 out of 10.

Verdict: The Patch on the Bellaring Peach Rocoto Sauce is a really enjoy hot chilli sauce with some nice background sweet flavours that add to the flavour but don’t take away from the rocoto. The peach is a lovely addition and the sauce is very well made. This sauce I would probably pair with pork, chicken or seafood however I feel it will also work well as a stir fry finishing sauce. The Patch might need to change it’s name to something substantially larger than a patch if they continue to churn out sauces of this calibre. My final score of 9 out of 10.

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The Patch on the Bellarine Peach Rocoto Sauce