Mango Madness by Steve the Chilli Man


Mango Madness by Steve the Chilli Man

Review by:          John T Matheson

Product:               Mango Madness by Steve the Chilli Man

Location of manufacture:             Toowoomba, Qld

Ingredients:       Sugar; Mangoes (44%) Chillis; Citric Acid; Pectin


If you have a passion for mangoes and an infatuation with chilli then without a doubt Mango Madness is the one that will have the hots for you or vice versa.

Like many of us out there, these are two of my favourite fruits, I had to use Google to discover whether chilli is in fact a fruit or a vegetable and to my surprise it’s a fruit, and the combination of heat, flavour and texture that Steve the Chilli Man achieves in this creation is sublime to say the least.

A rating of 4 out of 5 chillis on the heat scale on the side of the jar will lift your expectations and heat up your anticipation.

The teaspoon taste test was first and that gave an initial hot fruity bite with a pleasant tongue lingering burn, mango afternotes and lots of fruity texture to chew on, I had to have a second teaspoon straight away, so good, fire burn, then sweetly subside.

For our next taste test we spread the mango madness really thick on hot buttered wholemeal toast for a great crunchy texture and a smooth, mango, chilli, buttery, mouth feel. Couple this with an enjoyable burn that keeps on giving and you might find yourself turning the toaster back on for round two.

Then it was time for crispy skin chicken wings hot off the weber and smeared generously with the madness, these hot sweet sticky wings kept disappearing as quickly as they were presented, a great hot match between savoury and sweet and two good old mates mango and chilli sharing the chicken love.

All in all Mango Madness by Steve the Chilli Man exceeded my expectations, if I was to give it a rating it would be 6 out of 10 for heat and 8 of 10 for flavour, easily slipping between savoury and sweet it partnered well with mango ice cream and also with meusli and yogurt for breakfast.

Thanks to my son and nephew who travelled the mango madness trail with me, a sweltering shared experience savoured and enjoyed by each of us.