Shashemane Jah Fire and Brimstone Seasoning

Shashemane Jah Fire and Brimstone Seasoning

Reviewed by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Shashemane Jah Fire and Brimstone Seasoning

Location: Kingsthorpe, Qld

Ingedients: Black mustard, ginger, onion, pimento, thyme, cloves, habanero, scotch bonnet, black pepper.


Andrew from Shashemane has concocted a remnant of a metaphorical hell. When I taste spices, rubs or sauces, I like to try them ‘neat’ to taste them unadulterated and allow the flavours to ring out true. The thyme and cloves were certainly at the forefront of my palate, but unfortunately for me, the scotch bonnet decided to spot weld my tongue to the roof of my mouth. This spice mix certainly took me by surprise and the fact that I was drinking a hot cup of coffee while conducting this review, the scolding was just amplified! The heat lasted for about 3-4 minutes and that was only with about a third of a teaspoon.

Having never been accustomed to Jamaican flavours, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I assume by the ingredients that typical Jamaican flavours are rather earthy. The cloves are certainly very fragrant and are a pleasing addition.

This spice mix is certainly one that should be added to your preferred meat dish. I like the suggested option of mixing with lemon juice but it would also make for a great marinade. A word of caution though- I would suggest that it be used sparingly for the heat has the potential to overpower the flavour of the complimentary spices.

For flavour, I would give the mix a 6 or 7. I would rate the heat in this mix to be a solid 7.

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Greg Wagenmakers