Melbourne Hot Sauce: Hop Smoked Jalapeño

Melbourne Hot Sauce: Hop Smoked Jalapeño

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Melbourne Hot Sauce: Hop Smoked Jalapeño.

Location of Manufacture: Melbourne, Australia

Ingredients: Jalapeno smoked over galaxy hops & cherry wood, Cider Vinegar, XPA beer (contains gluten) , Tomato, Lemon, Sugar, Salt, Rosemary.

Review:  Another iteration of a chilli sauce from Melbourne Hot Sauce (MHS) is the Mr Chilli 2016 1st place winner of the Smoked Sauce category- Hop Smoked Jalapeño.

An initial taste test with a teaspoon instantly delights the mouth with a fantastic glow and wonderful balance of vinegar and smoky flavour. This reviewer actually went for another spoonful because it really is just delicious. There is an odd flavour in this sauce and logic would suggest that it’s the hops, which are the key ingredient in beer and as such MHS must be commended for experimenting with flavours from unexpected sources (pun intended).

Hop Smoked Jalapeno was added to a simple chicken and mayonnaise tiger roll. The cumulative flavour of this divine lunch was nothing short of exemplary. I really enjoy sauces that aren’t there to simply punish its consumer. I enjoy being able to add more if I want more heat and not do so with trepidation. This sauce fits that criteria perfectly.

Heat wise, I would rate this sauce 6/10 and flavour wise, 8.5. It’s a fantastic partner to a cooked chook!