Homemade Chilli Jalapeno and Pepperoni Pizza

Homemade Chilli Jalapeno and Pepperoni Pizza

Review by Terese Hanna

Product: Homemade Chilli Jalapeno and Pepperoni Pizza

Ingredients: Pizza base with Tomato paste, topped with Pepperoni, Chilli Jalapenos, and a combination of Tasty and Mozerella Cheese.

Review: Now this took me to Chilli heaven ! Making homemade pizza is one of my favourite things to do. I just love putting together new flavours and combinations to create delicious pizza’s.

Last week i created various Chilli Pizza’s, but this creation was the only one worth writing about. It was perfect ! The base of this pizza had a perfect ratio against the toppings. When i was making this Pizza i wanted to keep it basic and hot, so i chose only 3 toppings, the pepperoni, jalapeno’s and ofcourse cheese. Cheese is a must to every pizza (espically the perfect combination of tasty and mozeralla cheese), and i knew that pepperoni and jalapenos were perfect for a spicy pizza !

Unfortunately for me I only had 1 slice as the rest of my family, mostly my dad ( The Chilli Lover) demolished it within 5 minutes, before i even had a second look. They absaloutly loved this pizza, and loved its heat !

Taking my first bite of this pizza the cheese was just melting in my mouth, just until i started to feel the heat against my tongue. Now i love Chilli so it was great, but unfortunately for my 16 year old sister (who doesnt handle Chilli to well), she dropped her plate and ran for milk. Although her mouth was burning, it was funny for the rest of us to watch. On my Chilli scale i rate it an 8/10.

Verdict: I can not wait to make this “One of a kind” Pepperoni and Chilli Pizza and hopefully next time i will get more than 1 slice ! Whenever i even think about this pizza i just remember the chesse melting with the chilli bursting in my mouth, such a tasty experince. The flavours just complimented eachother so well, i am just craving some more. So if you want to go for a ride or chilli heanven then I 100% recommended this ! My final score on this Pepperoni and Chilli pizza is a 9/10.



Homemade Chilli Jalapeno and Pepperoni Pizza