Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces Scorpion Seduction

Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces Scorpion Seduction

Review by Michael Elias

Product: Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces Scorpion Seduction

Location of Manufacture: Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast, Queensland

Ingredients: Fresh Plums, almond paste, Boadicea’s Battle BBQ Sauce, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, bourbon, honey, fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, chipotle, Trinidad scorpion butch t, Trinidad moruga scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion sunrise, salt, pepper, herbs and spices

Review: Heavenly Hot Sauces has a well established reputation for producing some of the finest hot sauces in the Southern Hemisphere and the Scorpion Seduction doesn’t disappoint. A hot sauce that combines the key ingredients of plums, bourbon, Trinidad scorpion chillies, some select ingredients and another one of Heavenly Hells sauces the Boadicea’s Battle. It has a lovely sweet flavour followed by a burn that intensifies as the sweeter ingredients in the sauce dissolve off the palette. It’s hot but a tolerable heat and is a flavoursome sauce. This sauce has a fine balance and a medium consistency that makes it an easy pour from the bottle. On my heat it’s a 6 out of 10.

Verdict: Holy crap shut up and take my money now!!!! Scorpion Seduction is yet another fantastic hot sauce from Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces. It’s different in the sense that it has some ingredients that you wouldn’t traditionally combine in a hot sauce that might go against the instincts of traditional hot sauce makers….but Heavenly Hell has found a way to make it work. This sauce can work with pretty much any protein you can throw at it cooked in any number of ways. I found it worked really well with pulled pork and pork ribs as a spicier sauce alternative to the milder barbecue sauces typically used on those meats but try it with your favourite meats. This sauce will go into my own personal stash that I might share with my friends at the next barbecue….emphasis on “might”. My final score is a Street Fighter Perfect 10 out of 10.