Chilli Seed Bank: Ghost Pepper Sauce

Chilli Seed Bank: Ghost Pepper Sauce

Reviewed by Greg Wagenmakers
Product – Chilli Seed Bank: Ghost Pepper Sauce
Location – Leura, NSW, 2780
Ingredients – Bhut Chilli, birdseye chilli, fruit, vinegar, salt, citric acid, Australian bush spices, herbs.

This ghost pepper chilli sauce is terrible. I don’t mean that in regards to flavour, I really have no idea what it tastes like as I was sent into the depths of Hell with a mouthful of burning coal. I mean terrible in the sense of what it did to my body and how my body responded to the burn.

Firstly, there was the unmistakeable tang of the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) chilli and when the blow torch came in, I made involuntary head movements. Instantaneously, vast amounts of drool started to started to inundate my oral cavity. The burn continued and I was at a loss as to how to alleviate it. I opened the fridge and took out a beer, which did nothing. The kids were eating biscuits and I smashed a couple of ‘milk coffee’ bikkies and used them to scratch my tongue. Thankfully, that started to do the trick the fire began to subside.

I am at a loss for words to describe what meal this would complement. I am certainly not amongst the ranks of Hero Chilli Champion for I only had about 2 peas worth on a teaspoon and it made me its b$%ch.

This sauce is seriously hot and the image of the front of the bottle with a guy in a gas mask is very suitable. The smell is distinctly ‘naga’ and the heat will give anyone a run for their money in a chilli competition. Brutal….Terribly brutal.

Flavour wise, I can’t comment as I really didn’t really taste anything. Heat wise, this sauce is every part of a 10/10. Yes, there are reviews that go higher, but really, 10/10 is as high as you can go. This sauce is not forgiving. Try at your own risk.

Greg Wagenmakers