Disaster Bay Chillies- Spicy Kasoundi

Disaster Bay Chillies- Spicy Kasoundi

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Disaster Bay Chillies: Spicy Kasoundi Indian Chutney

Location of Manufacture: Eden, NSW

Ingredients: Ripe Tomatoes, Cayenne, Jalapeño and Manzano Chillies, Vinegar, Fresh Ginger, Vegetable oil, Sugar, Black Mustard seeds, Spice and Salt.

Review: This was a new type of product that I had the absolute privilege to try. In the past I have reviewed sauces and jerky, but this Indian Chutney was something new and I absolutely loved it! On it’s own it had an interesting flavour. I could not quite put my finger on it, but I cooked up a butter chicken anyway and added a good dollop of the chutney to the meal. Wow! This condiment certainly made the entire dish come alive. It improved every aspect of the meal from lifting the heat (albeit slightly), the flavour with the addition of ginger, garlic and mustard seeds and the texture with the mustard seed popping in my mouth as I chewed.

This pickled type condiment made the meal so enjoyable I was disappointed when it had been finished. But knowing that I had left overs made me a little excited as I knew that I’d be able to add this kasoundi to my meal again. If you’re an Indian curry fan and you enjoy the exotic and strong flavours, this is a must have in your fridge. I have had it opened for about 3 days and I have already nearly finished the jar.

Disaster Bay Chillies is onto a winner here. This is something for everyone, literally everyone. I cannot wait to hear of the successes that they will received from future food competitions.

For flavour I give this a 9/10. It needs to be added to a meal to get the true flavour enhancing capabilities. For heat, there is none; this is why it can be enjoyed by everybody! Get onto it people, it is delicious!


Greg Wagenmakers