Chilli Factory: Morning Afterburn- Hot Chilli Mango Sauce

Chilli Factory: Morning Afterburn- Hot Chilli Mango Sauce

Review by Greg Wagenmakers


Location of Manufacture: Morissett, Victoria

Ingredients: Mango (43%), Water, Sugar, Habanero Chilli (9%), Salt, Garlic, Cornflour, Xanthan Gum (415) Herbs and Spices.

Review: Here the Chilli Factory has tried to do something different. It’s not your typical sweet or fruity sauce. The presence of mango is there, but it is not as prominent as one may think given that just under half of the bottles contents are to be mango. I expected the mango to be stronger. For some reason, this sauce reminds me more of a thousand island salad dressing with a dose of performance enhancers!

Immediately the heat will hit your tongue and if enough is added your throat will also feel the effects of the habaneros, which are the ‘source’ of this ‘sauce’s’ inferno. Aesthetically, the sauce is more orange in colour as opposed to the typical red hue that is so common in the chilli sauce world. Seeds, herbs and spices can also be seen, which suggests that it is tasty.

I believe a roast chicken, fish or pork would go well with this sauce. I certainly recommended this sauce with white meat. I had it with pasta and I believe other sauce would better suit a tomato based pasta dish. This would suit perhaps a lemon and honey chick breast or pistachio coated pork chop.

For flavour, I give this sauce a 7/10. For heat, I would rank this sauce an 8/10. It certainly has a bit of kick, but it’s a good kick. It’s not too brutal.


Greg Wagenmakers