Chilli Coconut Prawn Curry

Chilli Coconut Prawn Curry

Review by Terese Hanna the Chilli Chick.

Product: Chilli Coconut Prawn Curry

Location: Barlame Thai Restaurant , Kellyville NSW

Ingredients: Prawns, Brocoli, Carrots, Capsicun and Fresh Chillis in a Coconut sauce, served with boiled rice.

Review: W O W ! Now that is what i call heavan on earth. When I first tasted this colourful dish, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful flavours. This curry deffinetly had some strong flavours, yet they all complimented eachother so well. The serving of boiled rice on side deffintely balanced well with these strong flavours, with ofcourse the bright fresh chillis making this dish extra special and hot. Because of those crunchy Fresh Chillis, this dish deffinitely left me craving water to turn the heat down, yet it did not take away those amazing flavours. On my heat scale, i rate it a 8 out of 10.

Verdict: This Thai Coconut Prawn curry is just truly such a tasty creation, and has left me wanting more ! Even just the look of this dish makes me want to dig in. The ingredients were well chosen, with delecious prawns, and the crunchy vegetables complimenting eachother perfectly. And ofcourse being balanced with the fluffy boiled rice and the fresh chillis to kick in the heat. My final score on this dish is a 9 out of 10.