Chilli Banditos: El Gringo Australian Hot Sauce

Chilli Banditos: El Gringo Australian Hot Sauce

El Gringo Australian Hot Sauce

Review by Chef Andrew

Product: Chilli Banditos – El Gringo Australian Hot Sauce

Location of Manufacture: Lismore, NSW

Ingredients: Habanero Chillies, Spices, Vinegar, salt and water.

Review: Having seen this scallywag buccaneer around the traps, I was interested to track him down and sample some of these products that I have heard about.

Luckily enough I was able to buy a bottle of this sauce

On first cracking the Bottle the distinct fruitiness of the Habanero was apparent, but also a nice spice aroma.

I first decided to sample this neat, so as to get a full flavour experience, and that’s exactly what I got. The initial fruitiness of the Chillies, a hint of smoke and almost a Caribbean/ central American hit from the spices. To be honest I was in Bliss, for those that know me know my love of the flavour of these regions
This sauce isn’t pretentious in any way what so ever, discreetly packaged, and a real honest burst of heat, without being overly stupid in the heat department.

This has been used as a base on a vegetarian pizza that my wife Kerri made, as well as on pulled pork. The idea of slapping it on jerk Chicken comes to mind, as a winner.

The Chile Bandito is on a real winner with this sauce, as It hits the spot immediately. Hot , Fruity, spicy, pourable but not runny. I can’t wait to try more of the products he has for sale. I wholey recommend anyone in the Northern NSW region to track these down, as it says on the Label, “Named best Sauce Ever – by some Dude in the Pub..”

For heat, I would give this sauce a 7.5 out of 10. For flavour, this achieves a score of 9 out of 10. One of the niciest sauces I have tasted in a long time, great work Taco.