CC’s Kitchen- Rosella Chilli Jam

CCs Rosella Chilli Jam

CC’s Kitchen- Rosella Chilli Jam

Reviewed by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: CC’s Kitchen Rosella Chilli Jam

Location: Woolooga, Qld

Ingredients: Rosella, sugar, apple, chilli, pectin

In a market that is dominated by hot and vinegar based chilli sauces, when a product like CC’s Kitchen Rosella Chilli jam comes along, one should sit up an take notice. The 3 ingredients that make up the title are thoroughly enjoyable on their own, so it is perfectly logical that they should be just as enjoyable together.

The result is delicious. Each of the ingredients ring through without dominating. Firstly the sweet rosella flavours that make up the jam bring bliss to your tongue. Followed by the flavour of chilli. Now, here I say ‘flavour’ not ‘heat’. The heat of the chilli comes a little later. It is a deliciously sweet pepper flavour and then finally a little heat warms up the mouth and soft palette.

I figured if apple sauce can compliment pork, then this conserve could do the trick too.

I was right. The sweet and warm conserve was a brilliant sidekick to my seasoned pork chops. They will definitely be going together the next time pork is on the menu. The sticky juice and large chunks of apple made the experience all the more enjoyable.

CC’s Kitchen Rosella Chilli Jam took out 1st place in the Chilli ‘Conserves’ category at this year’s 2017 Mr Chilli Awards. Not having tasted the other products from the podium in that category (yet) I can’t give a more informed opinion, but this product is pretty darned good.

Would I buy a jar if I saw it on a shelf? I certainly would. I think this is a delicious addition to one’s refrigerated condiments. It would go well with turkey, chicken, pork, lamb as well as lathered onto a ham sandwich.

Flavour wise, I give it a solid 8 and for heat, it receives a 2/10.

Well done CC’s Kitchen.

CC's Kitchen Rosella Chilli Jam

Greg Wagenmakers