Bullseye Feral Meats: Firecracker Soft Biltong

Bullseye Feral Meats: Firecracker Soft Biltong

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Bullseye Feral Meats: Firecracker Soft Biltong

Location of Manufacture: Sawyers Valley, Western Australia

Ingredients: Beef, Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Balsamic Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Chilli Flakes, Chilli Powder and Brown Sugar.

Review: Wow. Just wow. I am a bit of a novice Biltong connoisseur, but if other biltong were like this one from Bullseye Feral Meats, it wouldn’t be long before I’d be well and truly experienced. I’d also be extremely fussy. This biltong is called ‘Firecracker’ and is a ‘soft’ biltong and it achieved 1st place at the 2017 Mr Chilli Awards. This product sets the bar so high, I feel that any other biltong (or Jerky for that matter), can only fall short. I could literally eat this stuff all day and grow to be as big as a house. It’s delicious and such a pleasure to eat.

The ingredients are identical to all of Bullseye’s other products that I’ve reviewed. The only exception is that it is soft. Consequently, it didn’t produce the ‘chew’, which allows for a deeper extraction of flavours, allowing for a longer enjoyment. But, ‘Firecracker’ is simply a pleasure to eat. It’s soft, moist (please don’t cringe) and spicy!

The beef strips are dark and the line of fat can be seen in each strip. Everyone knows (or should know) that fat represents flavour. This biltong does not disappoint and I will be endeavouring to keep this product in my fridge from now on.

Flavour-wise, this rates an 8/10. Heat-wise, it ranks up around 6-7/10. Enjoyment ranking would be a 9.5/10 due to its soft texture.