Australian Extreme Chilli Condiments- Blushin’ Berry

Australian Extreme Chilli Condiments- Blushin’ Berry

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Australian Extreme Chilli Condiments- Blushin’ Berry

Location of Manufacture: Krambach, NSW

Ingredients: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Birdseye Chilli, Sugar and Lemon

Review: One look at the ingredients and you’ll know that you’re in for a treat. My word, what a treat I experienced. I wouldn’t consider myself someone with a sweet tooth, but in conjunction with a bit of spice, this condiment is an absolute beauty. The makers describe this sauce as a desert sauce and they are spot on the mark. I had this with some sausages and rissoles and I believed the tartness from the lemon and berries, blended beautifully with the savoury flavours from the rosemary and garlic sausages and rissoles. This sauce literally had me moving my finger along the plate to retrieve any leftover remnants. It is no wonder that it won the fruit category at the 2016 and 2017 Mr Chilli awards.

Aside from a dessert application, I also thought that due to its sweet flavour, it could be a worthy substitute for grenadine when making cocktails. It would make a tequila sunrise more interesting! It would be a candidate for any beverage where sweet fruity flavours are desired but with a pinch of heat to make things interesting.

I could literally drink this from the bottle and I would not feel guilty about doing so one single bit.

Well done Australia Chilli Condiments. This is an absolute winner. For flavour, I give this sauce a 9.5/10 (very sweet) and for heat, it’s a 1/10.