Wild West Worcester: Original Spicy Sweet Black Sauce

Wild West Worcester: Original Spicy Sweet Black Sauce

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Wild West Worcester: Original Spicy Sweet Black Sauce

Location of Manufacture: Dargaville, New Zealand

Ingredients: Malt Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Wheat Flour, Onions, Spices, Salt, Treacle, Liquorice Confectionery.

Review:  Following on from Wild West Worcester’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, which has been my favourite sauce to date, comes the Original Spicy Blacksauce. Let’s just be clear here, these condiments are simply excellent. No other words can describe the flavour that these sauces deliver. The sweetness, selected spices (whatever they are) and liquorice hints mixed with the malt vinegar just make the sauce ooze ‘deliciousness’.

This is not a hot sauce, it’s not even a warm sauce, but it is a VERY tasty sauce. It is exceptionally sweet and it complimented the savoury flavours of my bacon and eggs like beer goes with nuts. It was just so moreish and where I would usually apply a generous splash of Worcester sauce the fried breakfast, this sauce made for a very suitable replacement. I encourage anyone to give the stuff a good go. There isn’t anything that is distasteful about it. I could also see it being a viable marinade base for those who are particularly apt at creating their own culinary delights.

Flavour wise, I give this sauce am 8.5/10 -the sweetness may get to some consumers. Heat is a grand total of 0.