Trinidad Soucouyant Bite

Trinidad Soucouyant Bite

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The last to be added to the family and the hottest .. please meet the Trinidad Soucouyant Bite, which is every bit as deadly as it’s namesake


Named after the mythical Trinidadian Soucouyant, a shape-shifting Caribbean folklore character who appears by day as a reclusive old woman, typically living at the edge of the village in a shack surrounded by tall trees, who has made a secret pact with the devil. Having visited her local graveyard, she …scours the graves looking for a suitable corpse’s liver, with which she makes an oil, allowing her to strip off her wrinkled skin, which she puts in a mortar or hollowed-out tree trunk to keep it protected. In her true form, as a vampiric fireball, she flies across the dark sky in search of a victim. Her new form allows her entry into the homes of her victims through any sized hole like cracks, crevices and keyholes.
Soucouyants suck people’s blood from their arms, legs and soft parts while they sleep leaving blue-black marks on the body in the morning. Tales tell of horrendously bruised bodies staring a thousand-yard stare from now dead sunken eyes. If the soucouyant draws too much blood, it is believed that the victim will either die and become a soucouyant or perish entirely, leaving her killer to assume her skin. The soucouyant practices witchcraft, voodoo, and black magic. Soucouyants trade their victims’ blood for evil powers with Bazil, the demon who resides in the silk cotton tree.


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