Sublime Spices: Spiced Chilli

Sublime Spices: Spiced Chilli

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Sublime Spices: Spiced Chilli

Location of Manufacture: Forrestfield, WA

Ingredients: chilli, water, spices, sugar, oil and salt.

Review: Here’s another beauty from Sublime Spices- Spiced Chilli. The label doesn’t give too much away regarding the ingredients as they are all lumped under the heading of ‘spices’, but I’d take a stab and say that there’s mustard seeds, ginger and perhaps curry powder? Either way, this stuff is fantastic.

Upon opening the jar, I was greeted with an oily top, which I then mixed into the contents. The aroma from the jar reminded me of masala or a kasoundi. This condiment isn’t a sauce, it is more of a paste. I retrieved a number of heaped tablespoons and added them to a bolognaise dish I had and it really made the dish come alive; not because of heat, but because of flavour. Something that Sublime Spices prides itself on is most definitely ensuring that flavour is at the forefront of all their products. Spiced Chilli is no exception. By mixing in a generous helping of Spiced Chilli a 3rd place recipient in the ‘Curry’ category at the 2016 Mr Chilli Awards, exotic flavours circulated around my mouth.

Because the heat is not the ‘hero’ of this condiment, the flavours are allowed to permeate every mouthful and this makes for a thoroughly enjoyable meal.

I could see this sauce being used with any beef or chicken dish. Due to its thick, paste-like consistency, it would need to be used as a base in a sauce or as a side to add a small amount onto the fork. The flavours are so rich that on their own, they may be too overbearing. But, added to a dish, the product is absolutely delicious.

Seanne of Sublime Spices has delivered yet another marvellous chill product. For flavour I give this an 8 out of 10 and for heat, I would rate it a 1 or 2. This product is able to be enjoyed by total chilli novices and anyone who enjoys big, bold and strong flavours.

Sublime Spices Spiced Chilli

Greg Wagenmakers