Sublime Spices: Honey Mustard

Sublime Spices: Honey Mustard

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Sublime Spices: Honey Mustard

Location of Manufacture: Forrestfield, WA

Ingredients: mustard, malt vinegar, honey, chilli, spices, golden syrup, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic

Review: Goodness me, this product from Sublime Spices is, well, ‘sublime’. Seanne, of Sublime Spices states that each jar needs to be ‘200% perfect in good measure’. She has certainly achieved that target with this Honey Mustard. Typically, a honey mustard is heavy on the mustard flavour with a hint of sweetness. This eventually becomes wearing and one’s palate signals ‘time out’ from its bitterness. Sublime Spices’ Honey Mustard is exemplary. It balances the bitter mustard with the sweet honey prodigiously and when incorporated with chillis, something magical is created. Seanne has captured that magic and placed it in a jar. Seriously, this stuff is that good.

I have this little jar in my fridge and I face a conundrum. I want to give visitors a taste, exposing them to this beautiful condiment and ultimately helping promote Sublime Spices’ name, but that means that there will be less for me to enjoy! Oh the drama!

I have had my Honey Mustard with steak, sausages, potato and it was beautiful with all of them, however, if you truly want your metaphorical socks metaphorically rocked, rustle up an apricot chicken dish and add this to your plate once served. Your meal will go from really good to incredible.

I have had a run of really great products to review and this one is simply awe inspiring. I wish the jar was bigger; 500g Nescafe’ Blend 43 jar big! It has been my go to condiment for only a short while, but it has made every meal so much more enjoyable.

For flavour I have no qualms giving a perfect score of 10/10. Heatwise, this product isn’t supposed to blow you away and have to dabbing your upper lip with a handkerchief. The heat is a perfect warm glow that is simply in the background, maintaining a presence.

Get into this product. It is superb and I look forward to more that Sublime Spices offer.


Sublime Spices

Greg Wagenmakers