Samke Harrah (Chilli Fish)

Samke Harrah (Chilli Fish)

Review by Michael Elias

This is my recipe…..I thought the website could use some middle eastern flavour.

Product: Samke Harrah (Chilli Fish)

Location of Manufacture: Made in Sydney, Australia

Ingredients: 1 kg Red Snapper(either fillets or whole fish scaled…), olive oil, tahini sauce, garlic, lemon juice, water, salt, coriander, cayenne pepper, pine nuts and parsley

Review: This dish dates back over 200 years and the recipe is from a restaurant based in Tripoli in Lebanon. The sauce is best suited to fish. Strong in flavours the sauce is well balanced but the cayenne give it the spice kick and the garlic is on the stronger side but not overpowering. On my heat scale I rate it 9 out of 10.

Verdict: Samke Harrah is a delicious chilli fish sauce with loads of flavour and heat. The spices are well balanced and the sauce is rich. Its quite hearty and is delicious both serve hot or served cold on the next day on a crusty bread roll. A great dish to serve during Easter or winter and this particular example is excellent. My final score is 9 out of 10

Samke Harrah (Chilli Fish)