Roast Lamb cooked with Vegetables and Chilli’s

Roast Lamb cooked with Vegetables and Chilli’s

Review by Terese Hanna The Chilli Chick

Product: Roast Lamb cooked with Vegetables and Chilli’s.

Review: This Roast Lamb cooked with Vegetables and Chilli’s was truly just a beautiful dish, perfect for a winter’s night. The combination of all the elements were able to complement each other flawlessly creating an impeccable dish.

My family and I adore meat, so it is common for us to have a roasted dish every week. But this roasted dish was the best one yet, which is why I decided to write a review on it. With Lamb, it really needs to be cooked perfectly, otherwise it will result chewy, which I cannot handle. This lamb was cooked to absolute perfection.

I got home from work last night and I was starving, and when my mum told me that dinner wasn’t ready, I was pretty bothered. “I need the lamb to be cooked perfectly”, and it was, so it was definitely worth the wait. It was falling off my fork, melting into my mouth, taking me to a heavenly place. The Lamb was cooked in garlic, chili salt, mixed herbs, the vegetables and the chillies, creating flavours that were just bursting in my mouth.

The vegetables really complimented the lamb well as it added different components and flavours to create something special. Eating that Lamb, so soft and delicate, with a piece of the capsicum, topped with piece of Chilli, was just magical. The dish was cooked without failure, giving a kick of heat yet was not burning my mouth. On my chilli scale, I rate it a 6/10

Verdict: Roast Lamb cooked in garlic, chili salt and mixed herbs, with Vegetables and Chilli’s was an amazing dinner, an easy yet magical dish which should definitely be tried at home! Each element of this dish played a role in producing a beautiful, impeccable dish. If you love lamb, and you like that extra kick of heat in your dinner, then I recommend that you try this. Overall, I rate it a 9/10.


Roast Lamb cooked with Vegetables and Chilli’s