Review – Dingo Sauce Company Sriracha Super Hot

Review – Dingo Sauce Company Sriracha Super Hot

Review by Michael Elias

Product: Dingo Sauce Company Sriracha Super Hot

Location: North Fremantle, WA, AUSTRALIA

Ingredients: Chilli, Sugar, Vinegar, Garlic and Salt

Review: I think this is the first sauce i have had the pleasure of reviewing from the Dingo Sauce company and right off the bat its a good one. A lovely thick consistency and a “less is more” attitude to sauce making has meant that this humble chilli sauce has a genuine depth of flavour. The heat from the sriracha chilli is more of a slow burner as opposed to a raging inferno, the heat is definitely there but it’s a steady gradual build. This means that the sauce will appeal to anyone who doesn’t mind a bit of extra spice and will be willing to go back for more. A good combination of classic ingredients ensures that balance is brought to the sauce and they work in harmony to make the chilli the hero. On my heat scale its a 8/10

Verdict: This chilli scene in Australia is really hotting up(pardon the pun) and with some sauce makers using a less is more approach we are getting these sauces that really make the chilli the star of the show. Wonderful warmth and a lovely flavour ensure this sauce falls into the all rounder category as it can be served with pretty much any style of savoury food any way you like to cook it. My final verdict is a 9/10



Michael Elias