Melbourne Hot Sauce Tomatillo & Jalapeno – Review

Melbourne Hot Sauce Tomatillo & Jalapeno – Review

Product: Melbourne Hot Sauce Tomatillo & Jalapeno

Review by Michael Elias

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Ingredients: tomatillo, jalapeno, coriander, vinegar, lime, garlic, cumin, salt

Review: Yet another wonderful creation from South of the Border. This is a beautifully made sauce that pays great respect to the humble jalapeno.  Melbourne Hot Sauce has combined some fresh ingredients and flavours into a jalapeno hot sauce that is quite delicious. It has a clean flavour and the addition of lime adds a lovely bit of zest to the sauce. Kudos for saucing (and sourcing) the tomatillo which is a welcome addition that works so well with the rest of these ingredients. There is a nice level of spice and the consistency of the sauce is a little on the runny side which is suitable for this style of sauce. This sauce has also recently won the coveted 1st prize in the Mr Chilli Awards 2017 Jalapeno category.

The level of heat in this sauce is good for this style of chilli. The jalapeno is meant to add warmth as opposed to bringing the pain and in this respect it succeeds. On my heat scale it’s a 4 out of 10.

Verdict: Melbourne Hot Sauce Tomatillo & Jalapeno is a well crafted Mexican inspired hot sauce that packs a lot of flavour from a minimal amount of ingredients. This sauce packs quite a punch….like a strike from a Luchador in the wrestling temple. Its spicy, sour and zesty flavours will work extremely well on your favourite Mexican foods, sandwiches, burgers or barbecued meats. I’m itching to whip up some Chimichangas, tacos and burritos this weekend so i can get the full flavour experience from this wonderful sauce. A worthy award winner and yet another great sauce from the already impressive range made by Melbourne Hot Sauce.  My final score is an 9 out of 10.

Michael Elias