Mad Mex Nachos

Mad Mex Nachos

Review by Terese Hanna – The Chilli Chick

Product: Nachos

Location: Mad Mex in Castle Hill, NSW

Toppings: Corn chips, Chicken, Black beans, Sour cream, Tomato, Cheese, Chillies – Jalapeno’s and Guacomole topped with Tapatio chilli hot sauce.

Review: Feeling cold on a winters night ? Well eating this chilli dish is deffinetly one way to warm me up ! All the toppings compliment each other perfectly, with the crunch of the corn chips, topping it off with the Chilli Jalapeno’s and Tapatio Chili hot sauce to add a burst of heat. These strong and well balanced flavours made this dish so tasty, with the heat adding an extra kick! On my heat i rate it a 7 out of 10.

Verdict: The Nachos at Mad Mex are amazingly tasty with a perfect boost of chilli heat on a cold winters night. The toppings are balanced throughout the dish, with the Tapatio chilli hot sauce being added for the extra heat. My final score on these Nachos is a an 8 out of 10.