Laksa Soup

Laksa Soup

Review by Terese Hanna

Product: Laksa Soup

Location: HOKKA HOKKA, Baulkham Hills

Ingredients: Chilli, Beef, Noodles, Brocoli, Carrots, Onions, Beans, Bean Sprouts, Corn and Spring onion in Laksa soup.

Review: There is only one word for Laska soup … ADDICTIVE ! Laska is an extremely chilli soup, and is deffinetly one of the hottest meals i have ever eaten, especially considering everytime i eat it, i also drink about 1-2 bottles of water. I always tell myself that i wont order it again because it leaves my mouth on fire, yet i always seem to find myself ordering it again. I guess its just way too addicitive !

Laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup in the Chinese/Malaysian cuisine. This dish can be ordered with a range of meats and seasfood, with various vegtables, but personally i like to order it with Beef and a range of vegtables, topping it off with dried onion and spring onions. In my opinion, these ingredients balance very well with eachother and the spicy flavour.

Laksa soup should only be consumed by those who can really handle Chilli because it really will leave your throat on fire ! On my heat scale i rate it a 9 out of 10.

Verdict: Laksa soup has some amazing flavours and really brings some heat to the table. As a whole dish, like i said, it really is crazy addictive! I deffinetly recommend this dish to heat lovers, but i would also be aware to have some water ready before eating it. Overall these ingredients compliment eachother, and the chilli shines throughtout the dish. Finally, i score this dish an 8 out of 10.