Jim’s Jerky Piri Piri Beef Jerky

Jim’s Jerky Piri Piri Beef Jerky

Review by  Michael Elias

Product: Jim’s Jerky Piri Piri Beef Jerky

Location of Manufacture: Charlton QLD Australia

Ingredients: Beef, Sugar, Salt, Piri Piri Spice, Beef Booster, Coriander, Vegetable Protein Extract(Maize – Gluten Free), Worcerstshire Sauce(Gluten Free), Kwikurit, Brown Vinegar, Spices

Review: This beef really comes through on this jerky and is the dominate flavour. The seasoning and spices are nicely balanced but not overpowering of the beef. The Piri Piri is not overly spicy but has a medium heat that kind of sneaks up on you the more you eat. It’s a nice level of bearable heat that matches well with the beef, probably best suited to those that don’t eat chilli often. The beef itself has been dried well and the portions are cut into small strips. They break down quite easily with a reasonable amount of chewing. I rate it a 1.5/5 on the my heat rating.

Verdict: Jims Jerky Piri Piri Beef Jerky is a nice beef jerky with a mild level of chilli. The portions are sized well, cut like strips and dried nicely. The level of heat is quite mild and the flavour of the beef is the dominant but not overpowering. This is a good jerky for those who want something a bit milder or who may not be into chilli.  My final score is 4 out of 5.

Jim’s Jerky Piri Piri Beef Jerky2 Jim’s Jerky Piri Piri Beef Jerky2