The Jerky Lady – A Taste of Asia

The Jerky Lady - A Taste of Asia

The Jerky Lady – A Taste of Asia

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: The Jerky Lady – A Taste of Asia

Location of Manufacture: Tieri, Qld

Ingredients: Beef, Soy Sauce, malt vinegar, colour, emulsifier, balsamic vinegar, reconstituted Lemon Juice, sugar, ginger, vegetable oil, vegetable gum, preservative (200), garlic, sesame seeds.

Review: This fantastic jerky, ‘A Taste of Asia’ from The Jerky Lady certainly does epitomise the Asian flavour with soy sauce, ginger, garlic and malt vinegar. This is a soft jerky with a moderate ‘chew’. A Taste of Asia isn’t dry like other homemade jerkies and this is made possible by the individually sealed plastic packages, which not only keeps the meat fresh and tender, but it prevents the jerky from drying out and keeps the flavour locked in. Another admirable quality of this company is their paper packaging. I like how each of their products is colour coded in a recycled paper bag. I also respect The Jerky Lady promoting Central Queensland. Tieri is relatively close to Rockhampton, which is known for its beef produce, so one would only expect that the beef that The Jerky Lady uses is of a high calibre.

Initially the jerky is salty with hints of ginger present; as the flavoursome pieces of meat are chewed, a sweetness is detected, which gets the saliva flowing.

Flavour wise, I rate this jerky an 8. It is thoroughly enjoyable. I do wish however, that the packet was more than 70g! Since there was no chilli in the ingredients list, there was no heat present, but it is still, never the less, a delicious jerky.


The Jerky Lady - Taste of Asia

Greg Wagenmakers