Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces Bathory’s Blood

Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces Bathory’s Blood

Review by Michael Elias

Product: Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces Bathory’s Blood

Location of Manufacture: Currumbin Waters QLD, Australia

Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes, fresh orange puree, chilli, fresh lemon puree, honey, red wine vinegar, dark brown sugar, smoked Carolina reaper, Himalayan pink rock salt, cracked black pepper, herb & spices

Review: A delicious chilli sauce that has some natural sweeteners that you can really taste. The reapers bring the heat but it’s well balanced with the sweetness from the sugar, honey and fruits.  5 out of 10 on my heat rating

Verdict: A great chilli  sauce well suited to your favourite barbecued meats. The perfect balance between sweet and spice with a really good combination of ingredients. My final score is 9 out of 10.


Heavenly Hell Hot Sauces Bathory's Blood