Fenglehorn- Sweet Chilli Sauce- Habanero

Fenglehorn- Sweet Chilli Sauce- Habanero

Reviewed by Greg Wagenmakers
Product – Fenglehorn- Sweet Chilli Sauce  – Habanero
Location – Edmonton, Qld, 4869
Ingredients – Chilli, vinegar, sugar, garlic, ginger, herbs, fish sauce and citrus

This sauce completed the trio of sauces that I was asked to review. The others included a jalapeno and cayenne versions, which were certainly tamer when compared to this beast. Fenglehorn sweet chilli sauce habanero packs a whallop! Habaneros have a different burn compared to their naga cousins. Rather than a pain, habaneros inflict a wholesome burn that radiates around ones entire face, rather than a blowtorch or a welder to the tongue. The first time I tried this sauce was a bit of a brutal experience… I added too much, which is a difficult pill to swallow when being a chilli reviewer, but I’ll be honest when I say that it caught me off guard and commanded my respect.

After a while (a couple of weeks!) I attempted it again but only a fraction of the amount of what I had previously attempted. This sample still kicked my butt and I still can’t believe how much heat the Fenglehorn mob have pack into this jar.

This sauce is a must have for seasoned chilli heads who like to sweat it out, play jokes on their friends or have trouble finishing their meals too quickly. This sauce certainly slowed me down and made me sweat. I couldn’t try it on my friends because I’d fear they wouldn’t ever visit again! This stuff is hot and when you try it, I recommend starting with a VERY small amount and if you’d prefer it hotter, you can, as opposed to ruining your meal by being too heavy handed.

This sauce has the same ingredient as the cayenne version of the Fenglehorn sweet chilli product line, so I can only assume that the flavour would be very similar. However, aside from the distinctive habanero that is present, I found it a bit overwhelming and essentially went into ‘concentrate and become one with the heat’ mode. This tells me that I am either softer than I thought I was or I need to develop more tongue callouses…probably both!

This sauce is very warm folks. I personally prefer the habanero flavour over the naga flavour, so if you like super hot sauces but with the habanero seal of approval, get onto this sauce.
Fenglehorn has all bases covered with flavour, texture and degrees of heat. Fenglehorn sweet chilli sauce habanero has well truly hit a home run with high end heat.

For flavour, I would give it a 6 and for heat, I’d give it a 9, only to be topped by super hot chilli varieties.

Greg Wagenmakers