Grumpy Gary’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Grumpy Garys Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Grumpy Gary’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: Grumpy Gary’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Location of Manufacture: Cranbourne, Vic

Ingredients: Jalapeno chilli, water, vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, cumin.

Grumpy Gary’s is a chilli sauce manufacturer that I have ‘warmed’ to since coming on board the Mr Chilli review crew. I have thoroughly enjoyed every product that has graced my palate. The elements that Grumpy Gary’s product possess that appeal to me are the full and rich flavours and the consistency of the sauces; never too runny but also easily pour from the bottle.

When I opened the package I noticed the green colour of the sauce within the bottle, atypical of chilli sauces. However, the hue is very typical of jalapeno sauces, which I wonder is a deliberate move to get away from the seemingly endless supply of red chilli sauces.

I initially tasted Grumpy Gary’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce on a spoon, unadulterated by any other flavours. To my surprise I wasn’t in awe of what I savoured. Shock! Horror! Hark! This made me reflect on whether my efforts to taste sauces on their own is actually a worthwhile activity, for sauces aren’t supposed to be had in isolation. This was a great lesson to have learnt. This sauce must be added to a meal to enjoy what Grumpy Gary intended. This sauce NEEDED to be adulterated

So, I added, what I would consider a satisfactory helping of Grumpy Gary’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce to some crumbed chicken and instantly, the sauce was revered as remarkable! The Jalapeno isn’t as bitey and since green jalapenos have been used, tangy and somewhat bitter flavours are present, which is beneficial as the lack of sugars allow the flavours to cut through and allow every coated bite to be enjoyed, without the risk of being overpowering. The cumin used in Grumpy Gary’s product is also a trademark flavour; it ties all of the sauces together under the same delicious banner.

This sauce is another positive notch on the Grumpy Gary belt. I loved it. I’m confident recommending this sauce to anyone. It deserved the 2nd in the 2017 Mr Chilli awards, but I’d like to know how it didn’t take out 1st place. I believe this sauce is right at home with chicken and anything that has a crispy or crunchy skin; it complemented the charred flavours on my chicken brilliantly.

Flavour wise, I rate this sauce an 8/10 and for heat, this sauce receives a 4/10.

Well done Grumpy Gary, well done.



Grumpy Gary's Jalapeno Hot Sauce



Greg Wagenmakers