GRIND IT! – Salt, Smokey BBQ and Chilli

GRIND IT! – Salt, Smokey BBQ and Chilli

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: GRIND IT! – Salt, Smokey BBQ and Chilli

Location of Manufacture: Morriset, NSW

Ingredients: Salt, Pepper, smoke flavour, oregano and chilli

Review: This product was one of 3 GRIND IT products that I had the privilege of trying. When I think of salt grinders, I usually think of a grinder with a clogged top, with rocks of salt mixed with rice. There’s nothing too special about them. This product however, is definitely something different.

Impressively, I had to remove a seal to get to actually allow the salt to come out. This tells me that quality assurance has been thought of; attempt to keep the product as fresh as possible. Upon removing the seal, a delicious smoky scent wafted through the air. Immediately I knew that it was going to be a winner.

The priority for the planning and development of this product is flavour. The balance of herbs, pepper and salt is perfect. I couldn’t detect too much chilli, but I did not mind at all. This condiment is about adding flavour to a dish. I grinded some of this onto a pasta meal and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I could see these grinds being in mashed potato, as a salt rub for roast pork, complimenting any gravy, salads, seasoning for steak or even a ham cheese and tomato sandwich. ANYTHING that salt is typically used, this product can be a substitute for.

Get this stuff in your pantry, shelf or dining table.

For flavour, I give this product a 9.5. For heat I’d give it a 1 and that just comes from the pepper corns.