GRIND IT! – Salt and Pepper

GRIND IT! – Salt and Pepper

Review by Greg Wagenmakers

Product: GRIND IT! – Salt and Pepper

Location of Manufacture: Morriset, NSW

Ingredients: Salt, peppers

Review: When I opened my package to review, this was the first product I pulled out. Aesthetically, this salt grind condiment is beautiful. The red label works perfectly with the red peppercorns that reside inside the 60g jar. Green, red and black orbs of flavour separated by rocks of salt will have you miming the word, ‘WOW’. I actually took the top off, bypassing the grinding mechanism and poured the peppercorns in my mouth. This is certainly not what the ‘normal’ person does, but what this activity did was present me with the ability to crunch down on the peppercorns with my own teeth and get the full flavour of them. The red peppercorns are something very special. They possess a unique flavour that I had never experienced before…and I am a peppercorn fan. Previously the only other true peppercorn flavour I can account for is indulging in peppercorns straight off a vine. This product gave a similar experience. It was just glorious.

Crunching down on the peppercorns also allowed me to pick the bits and pieces from my teeth. Again, this isn’t something everyone enjoys, but I love it as I am able to experience the flavour for a lot longer. It also gave me a good hit of spice and gave my mouth a satisfactory glow. I would encourage everyone who makes the appropriate choice of trying this product to do the same. Pick out the red peppercorns and be amazed; their sweet fragrant flavour will impress you.

This product is a substitute for anything where

For flavour, this product earns a much deserved 9.5 and for heat it gets a 1, unless taken straight from the bottle and consumed like a drink, then it’s a 5. Fantastic stuff!