Garlic Chili Salt on baked chicken and potatoes

Garlic Chili Salt on baked chicken and potatoes

Review by Terese Hanna The Chilli Chick

Product:Garlic Chili Salt on baked chicken and potatoes

Ingredients: Garlic Chilli Salt contains Bhut Jolokia Chili 8%, Rock Salt, Onion, Garlic and Mace.

Review: Garlic Chilli Salt on baked chicken and potatoes … Well that was one way to kill my mouth! This tasty yet EXTREMELY hot dish was my dinner last night, and it was definitely life threatening to not only mine, but my entire family’s mouths. The heat on this dish was just incredible.

My favourite food is definitely chicken and potatoes so I do get super excited whenever it is on the menu for dinner. Coming home last night from work, I couldn’t wait to just sit down and eat my dinner. Watching that beautiful chicken be placed on my plate, seasoned with the Garlic Chilli Salt, was just heavenly to watch. As I took my first bite in the soft and tender chicken, I felt my eyes pop out of my head, and looking at the rest of the family, it seemed theirs had too.

I remember so clearly my tongue feeling as though it had been lit on fire. I can handle chili so although it was burning, I was enjoying it at the same time, but that wasn’t the case for my 16 year old sister. She can’t handle chilli at all, so my guess is that she didn’t read the label and assumed it was normal salt.

While my mouth was burning, I continued to eat, but I remember watching her. Her face was as red as a tomato. She literally yelled “It’s burning my tongue”, while my mum gave her a glass of milk to calm her down. Although it was a terrible experience for her, it was a great one for me for two reasons. The first being that I experienced what I would call ‘real’ chilli and it was amazing, and the second being that I took a video of my sister in this moment and it is hilarious to watch.

Verdict: Garlic Chilli Salt on baked chicken and potatoes was the perfect dinner for me, it is my three favourite foods; Chicken, Potato and Chilli, combined into one dish. The Chicken was cooked to perfect, soft and tender, with the potatoes soft as a cloud on the side, allowing for this Garlic chilli salt to be the perfect complement  to this dish perfectly (for Chilli lovers ONLY). Garlic Chilli Salt will complement any protein or vegetable as it is a great seasoning to give a burst of heat. I 100% recommend this Garlic Chilli Salt to anyone who adores and can handle Chilli. I rate the heat a 9/10 on this one! And a big 10/10 for quality and taste.


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